UTHealth Houston Harris County Psychiatric Center

Resources: Local

At UTHealth HCPC, we strive to give you the resources that you may need to help yourself or loved ones. Please select one of the following options for an extensive list of each area of interest. For further questions and help, please get in touch with one of us by using the information provided on the contact us page. Thank you.

NamePhoneServices Provided
National Alliance for the Mentally III (NAMI) Family Support, Education & Referral.
African American 713-673-4834
Bay Area  281-424-4360
Fort Bend   281-491-6707
     Golden Triangle   409-899-1990
     Gulf Coast   281-585-3100
     Houston   713-729-1242
     Humble  281-459-1518
     Montgomery County   281-367-2314
     Tomball 281-376-5368
     West Houston  281-579-3750 http://namigreaterhouston.org/
Arc of Greater Houston  713-957-1600 Support, Information & Referral
Associated Catholic Charities   713-526-4611 Counseling
Baylor Psychiatry Clinic   713-798-4857 Counseling, Evaluation
Bay Area Turning Point   281-286-5133 Homeless shelter
Bay Area Women's Center 281-422-2292 24-hour Hotline, Shelter, Counseling
Ben Taub General Hospital   713-793-2000 Medical Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital
The Bridge   713-473-2801 Hotline
Cancer Counseling, Inc.    713-520-9873 Counseling, Education
Catholic Charities  713-526-4611  Counseling, Adoption, Immigration services
     Bay Area   281-335-7066 Counseling
Center for Counseling 281-487-3864 Counseling, Education
Center for Creative Resources   713-461-7599 Counseling
Chicano Family Center  713-923-2316  Counseling
Crisis Intervention of Houston-Hotline  713-228-1505 24-hour Telephone crisis counseling
     Bay Area   281-461-9992 24-hour Telephone crisis counseling
Depressive/Manic Depressive Assoc.  713-528-1546 Self-help support groups, Information & referral
Domestic Violence Hotline 713-528-2121 Information & Referral, Shelter
Escape Family Resource Center 713-942-9500 Parenting classes, parent aids
Family Services of Greater Houston   713-861-4849  Counseling. Support groups, Parent education
     Bay Area  281-335-7025
     Baytown  713-861-4849
     El Centro de Familiar  713-861-4849
     Ft Bend County  281-261-1830
     Montgomery County  713-756-6640
     Waller County 281-375-5110
Gay and Lesbian Switchboard of Houston 713-529-3211 Telephone counseling
Gathering Place  713-729-3499 Social support Day program, Vocation skills
Harris County Psychiatric Center  713-741-5000 (Switchboard) Hospitalization
Houston Area Women's Center   713-528-6798 Administrative office
Houston Council on Sexual Dependency Recovery   713-683-2797 Support, Information & Referral
Houston Health Department 713-794-9200 Health Services
Houston Psychiatry Society
(Harris County Medical Society)  
713-524-4267 Information & Referral, Administrative office
Houston Psychological Association  713-621-0131  Information & Referral,  Speaker's Bureau
Houston Rape Crisis Hotline 713-528-RAPE (7273) 24-hour Information & Referral, Victim assistance, support groups
Innovative Alternatives   281-282-6023 Anger management
Interface-Samaritan Counseling Center   281-376-8006
Jewish Family Service   Lutheran Social Services   713-667-9336 Information & Referral Counseling
Mental Health Association of Greater Houston   713-521-0110 Counseling, Adoption, Immigration services
Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority (MHMRA) 713-522-5161 Information & Referral,  Education, Advocacy
     Administration 713-970-7000 Administration Offices
     Access Center 713-970-7070  Adult mental health services
     Mental Retardation  713-970-8200  Mental retardation services
     Children's Services  713-970-4400  Children's mental health services
     Crisis Clinic  713-970-4600  24-hr Emergency Clinic
     Homeless Services  713-970-3300  Homeless services
Montrose Counseling Center 713-529-0037 Counseling, HIV support
NAM Family Violence Center  281-583-5656
Women's & children's counseling
Obsessive-Compulsive Recovery  800-639-7462  Support, Information & Referral
Planned Parenthood  713-522-6363  Family planning, Education, Support groups,
24-hr Helpline, Shelter
Texas Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling   800-742-0443 Support, Information & Referral
University of Houston/Clear Lake  281-283-3330 Counseling, Evaluation, Assessment
U of H Psychological Research/Service Center  713-743-8600  Counseling, Evaluation
University of Texas Psychiatric Services  713-500-2525  Counseling, Evaluation, Substance abuse
Veterans' Administration Hospital  713-791-1414  Services to veterans

Children's Mental Health Services

NamePhoneServices Provided
Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder Association 281-897-0982 Support, Information & Referral
Bo's Place 713-942-8339 Grief support, Information & Referral
Casa De Esperanza de los Ninos 713-529-0639 Residential care for abused/HI children under 6 years
Child Builders 713-783-8470  Support, Information & Referral
Children's Assessment Center 713-986-3300 Counseling Assessment.
Children's Protective Services  713-664-5701 Child abuse investigation, Placement
     Chimney Rock Center 713-664-5701 Emergency shelter
     Community Youth Services 713-664-5701 Information & Referral, Counseling
Covenant House 800-999-9999
Shelter for youth under 21 years, Counseling, Vocational aid
DePelchin Children's Center Memorial Drive 713-730-2335 Counseling Evaluation
DePelchin Children's Center
(Baytown, Fort Bend, Clear Lake, Montgomery County)
281-730-2335 Outpatient Counseling, Evaluation
DePelchin Children's Center - Bay Area 281-282-6062  Counseling, Evaluation
Family Outreach Centers 713-748-7409 Child abuse prevention services
Hope Center for Youth 713-526-4673,
Counseling, Residential care
Interface-Samaritan Counseling Center 281-376-8006
Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston 713-522-3955 Education, Advocacy
Juvenile Probation Department 713-512-4100
MHMRA Children's Mental Health Services 713-970-7000 Assessment, Counseling, Evaluation, School-based, First-time offenders services
Runaway Hotline 800-392-3352 Shelter, Referral, Messages relayed, Information & Referral
Teen Crisis Hotline 713-529-8336 Crisis intervention
University of Texas Mental Sciences Institute Child/Adolescent Intake and Referral 713-500-2800 Treatment services, Information & Referral

Services to the Elderly

NamePhoneServices Provided
Abuse and Neglect Hotline 800-252-5400 Report abuse and neglect cases
Adult Protective Services-Aged and Disabled 713-767-2700 Investigate abuse/neglect
Alzheimer s Association 713-266-6400 Information & Referral, Support
Career & Recovery Resources, Inc 713-754-7000 Employment counseling & training
Catholic Charities SAFE Program 713-874-6590 Counseling, Case management, Information & Referral
Center for Counseling 713-943-3864  Counseling
City of Houston Dept. of Health/Office on Aging 713-794-9001  Support, Information & Referral
Family Service Center (Admin)   713-861-4849 Counseling, Homecare
Houston Junior Forum, Sr. Guidance Program 713-529-9991  Information & Referral 10:00am - 2:00pm
Interfaith Ministries for Houston 713-522-3955  Meals on Wheels, Shelter, Refugee aid
Jewish Family Service  713-667-9336  Counseling, Social Activities
Lutheran Social Services  713-521-0110  Counseling
MHMRA Mid-City Clinic   713-970-4400 Evaluation, Psychiatric care
Seven Acres Jewish Senior Case Services  713-778-5700  Day care, Full geriatric center
Sheltering Arms Senior Services  713-956-1888  Information & Referral, Counseling, Respite & Day Care
University of Texas Psychiatric Services  713-500-2525  Counseling, Evaluation
Veterans Administration  713-791-1414  Services to Veterans
Visiting Nurse Association  713-520-8115  Home Health Care

Social and Related Services

NamePhoneServices Provided
Advocacy. Inc   713-974-7691 Investigate abuse/neglect, Legal aid
Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) 713-224-9911 Protective orders, Divorces for victims
AIDS Foundation of Houston 713-623-6796  Hotline Information & Referral
American Red Cross 713-526-8300 Disaster assistance Transportation, Military & Social Services
Career & Recovery Resources, Inc./ United Way Agency 713-754-7000 Employment counseling & training
Center for the Retarded, Inc (CIR) 713-525-8400 Workshops, Residential, Day Care
Consumer Credit Counseling Services/Money Management International 713-923-2227 Financial counseling
Dispute Resolution Center 713-755-8274  Mediation
Family Service Center 713-961-4849  HIV / AIDS support services
Goodwill Industries of Houston 713-692-6221 Job placement, Employment
Gulf Coast Community Services Association 713-393-4700 Social Services
Gulf Coast Legal Foundation 713-652-0077 Legal assistance
Harris County Attorneys Office 713-741-6016 Legal Services/Commitments
Harris County Public Health & Environment Services  713-439-6000  Health services
Harris County Medical Society 713-524-4267  Information & Referral
Harris County Probate Court 713-741-6020  Legal Services/Commitments
Harris County Social Services 713-696-7900 Food, Shelter Utilities
Hear-Say 713-917-0062 Information & Referral,  Education for hearing impaired
Houston Health Department  713-794-9320 Health services
Houston Housing Authority  713-260-0500 Federally subsidized housing
Houston Police Department-Jail 713-247-5400 Emergency detention
Houston Public Library 713-236-1313 Information, Reference desk
Interfaith Ministries for Houston 713-522-3955  Meals so Wheels, Refugee Services, Information & Referral
Lutheran Social Services 713-521-0110  Refugee services
Mayor's Citizens Assistance Office 713-247-1888 Information & Referral of city agencies
Planned Parenthood 713-522-6363 Information & Referral Education
Alliance for Multicultural Community Service 713-776-4700 Information & Referral, Refugee services
Social Security Administration 800-772-1213  Social security benefits
TDHS 713-767-2000 Info on Medicaid and AFDC
Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Service -Abuse Hotline 800-252-5400 Legal Services/Commitments
Texas Rehabilitation Commission 713-862-5294 Job training & placement
United Way 713-957-HELP (4357)  Information & Referral
     Bay Area  281-333-9700
     Brazoria County  281-331-6101
     Ft. Bend County 281-499-5681
     Waller County  281-375-5110

Alcohol and Drug Services

NamePhoneServices Provided
Al-Anon 713-683-7227 Support to families
Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup Assoc. 713-686-6300 
713-683-722 7
Support to alcoholics
Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans (AAMA) 713-926-4756
Counseling, Education, Support
Bay Area Council or Drugs & Alcohol  281-280-0800 Information & Referral, Education, Counseling
Bay House  281-470-2710 Men's Treatment Program
Better Way 713-524-0838 Men' s Treatment Program
Career & Recovery Resources, Inc 713-754-7082 Counseling. for paroles, Probationers
Chicano Family Center 713-923-2316 Counseling, Outpatient care
Cocaine Anonymous 713-668-6822  Information & Referral, Support groups
DePelchin Children's Center 713-526-3232 Adolescent counseling
Door to Recovery 713-688-3700 Men's/ Women's Treatment Program
Extended Aftercare  713-695-8403 Men's Treatment Program
Family Service Center 713-861-4849 Supportive outpatient care for Hispanics
Harbor Light 713-224-9200 Men's Treatment Center.
Houston Aftercare 713-529-2270  Men's Treatment Program
Houston Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abase 713-942-4100 Information & Referral, Education, Counseling
Houston Recovery Campus 713-331 -2500 ln /Outpatient substance abuse treatment
Montrose Counseling Center  713-529-0037 Counseling
Narcotics Anonymous 713-661-4200 Support to Drug Abuse
New Directions  713-691-0314 Residential care for ex-offenders, counseling
Odyssey House Texas 713-726-0922  Residential care for individuals 13-17 years old
Palmer Drug Abuse Program  713-668-0133 Support, Counseling
Recovery Houston Institute 713-692-4000 Shelter program for indigent males
Salvation Army 713-869-3551 Shelter, Counseling
Santa Mario Hostel 713-228-0125 Women's treatment program
Star of Hope 713-748-0700 Shelter, Counseling
Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse 512-867-8700 Information & Referral
University of Texas Psychiatric Services 713-500-2525 Counseling, Education
Veteran's Administration  713-791-1414 Counseling (veterans)
Volunteers of America 713-692-8190 Women's residential care
Women's Christian Home 713-521-3429 Women's treatment program

Emergency/Crisis Services

NamePhoneServices Provided
AIDS Foundation 713-623-6796
713-623-4029 fax
Support, Information & Referral
Alcohol Abuse Emergency/Treatment Inpatient 800-252-6465 Support Information & Referral
Ben Taub Emergency Psychiatric 713-793-2631 Phone is answered 24 hrs/day
Children's Protective Services Chimney Rock Center  713-664-5701 Support, Information & Referral
Crisis Hotline 713-228-1505 Phone is answered 24 hrs/day
Mental Health Mental Retardation Crisis Center 713-970-4600 Phone is answered 24 hrs/day
Police/Ambulance 911
Phone is answered 24 hrs/day
Suicide Prevention Hotline 713-228-1505  Support,Information & Referral
Youth Crisis Hotline 800-448-4663 Support, Information & Referral